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Rasa Yoga / Yoga Studio

all-levels friendly / studio at the first floor

  • 7 British pounds
  • Yoko Yoga Studio

Service Description

Can I complete your text with this definition? Sianna Sherman is a yoga teacher and visionary in the field of modern yoga, and she is indeed associated with the development of Rasa Yoga. Rasa Yoga, as developed by Sianna Sherman, is a style of yoga that integrates various elements of the traditional yoga practice to create a holistic and transformative experience. Here are some key aspects of Rasa Yoga as developed by Sianna Sherman: 1. *Integration of Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation:* Rasa Yoga incorporates traditional yoga practices, such as physical postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), and meditation. The emphasis is on the integration of these practices to create a harmonious and balanced experience for the practitioner. 2. *Energetic Anatomy:* Sherman places a strong emphasis on understanding and working with the body's subtle energy systems, including the chakras and nadis. The practice involves exploring and balancing these energetic pathways to promote overall well-being and a deeper connection to one's inner self. 3. *Mythic and Archetypal Themes:* Rasa Yoga incorporates mythic and archetypal themes into the practice. Sherman draws inspiration from various mythologies and stories, integrating them into the asana sequences and teachings. This adds a layer of depth to the practice, allowing practitioners to connect with universal themes and symbols. 4. *Philosophical Inquiry:* The practice of Rasa Yoga involves philosophical inquiry and self-reflection. Sherman encourages practitioners to explore the deeper dimensions of their own existence, contemplating philosophical concepts and applying them to their lives on and off the mat. 5. *Emotional Alchemy:* The term "rasa" in Rasa Yoga can be understood as the alchemy of emotions. The practice is designed to facilitate the transformation of emotions and energy, cultivating a sense of joy, connection, and inner bliss. Practitioners are encouraged to explore and express a range of emotions in a conscious and transformative way. 6. *Community and Connection:* Rasa Yoga places importance on building a supportive and inclusive community. The practice is not just an individual endeavor but also a collective experience where practitioners can connect with each other, sharing in the journey of self-discovery and transformation. In summary, Rasa Yoga, as developed by Sianna Sherman, is a modern yoga style that blends traditional practices with a focus on energetic anatomy, mythic

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Cancellations before 2 hours the start of the classes are free.

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  • Yoko Yoga Studio, Palolem, Canacona, Goa, India


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