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Cold Water Immersion

Since 2022, I have been using my extensive experience as a yoga teacher and former ER nurse assistant to conduct Cold Water Immersion (CWI) sessions and workshops in Goa, the UK, and Switzerland. These sessions have helped hundreds of people to safly experience CWI for the first time.


My approach to unlocking a person's true potential and accessing the numerous benefits of cold water immersion is based on Pranayama techniques. I have developed a distinctive method that incorporates breathing exercises during immersion and relaxation techniques before or during immersion. This sets my technique and approach apart from others, like Wim Hof's.

What's to expect :

My goal is to establish a safe and comfortable environment for your CWI experience.

During my sessions, you'll experience:

  • Small group sizes of 10 to 15 people max.

  • A 20-minute introduction to CWI techniques.

  • Ice bath temperature maintained at 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

  • Immersion up to the neck for a maximum of 6 minutes (no minimum immersion time).

  • One immersion per person, done individually.

  • Personal guidance for all first-timers throughout the immersion process.

  • All participants must read and sign my disclaimer before participating. 

Cold water immersion tub setting at yoko yoga palolem



  • Reduces muscle soreness and inflammation after exercise. Source

  • Accelerates muscle recovery and enhances performance Source

  • Improves circulation and immune system function Source

  • Boosts metabolism and increases energy expenditure  diabetes / burning fat

  • Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety Studies 1  /

  • Enhances mental clarity and focus

  • Increases resilience to stress and cold exposure

  • Improves sleep quality and duration

  • Can help reduce chronic pain and inflammation

  • May have anti-aging and longevity benefits

  • Provides a fun and invigorating experience

  • Can help to prevent neuro

Videos Documentary

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How CWI impact your brain

Dr Ronapatrik explain:  How the body increases the circulation of norepinephrine. This physiological response sets off a cascade of adaptive effects with extreme rapidity that affects metabolism, the brain, and genetic expression.

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This story begins in the coldest city in the world, Yakutsk, with Nikolai incredible morning practice.

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Using Cold to inspire 

Mo Bro Luke Adams wanted to raise awareness about these struggles, so challenged himself to freedive under an iceberg to visualize the invisible battles that many men hide.

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She openly and courageously discussed past trauma and how she learned to reconnect with herself through free diving in extreme conditions.

Ice free diver

Follow free diver Johanna Nordblad in this documentary as she attempts to break the world record for distance travelled under the ice with one breath.

The celebrity of CWI

Wim Hof shares 10 reasons why you should start incorporating cold exposure training into your daily routine. ❄️



All participants in cold water sessions have to sign our online disclaimer :

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