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Hi , my name is Yoko,


I am from Geneva / Switzerland. I speak French and English.


My yoga journey began in India in 1998 and it changed my life forever.


I have since spent many years exploring life and spirituality in India.


Practising all different type of Yogas from traditional to more modern.

In 2014,  I became a certified yoga teacher.

I teach Ashtanga yoga primary series; Vinyasa flow; meditation; Pranayama and Kriyas.


I studied at the Kranti yoga school in Goa, India. Where after I dedicated myself to be an assistant teacher for more than 6 months. 

I chose this option as a great way to improve both my knowledge of Ashtanga yoga as well as my teaching methodology.​


People are often fascinated by how different my career roles have been.

From working as an assistant nurse at the hospital emergency department and also to be a Aerial performer.


As an assistant nurse,  I have to go through complex situations where I need to stay calm, focused and mentally balanced in a very stressful environment.


As professional aerialists, my partner and I often perform at extreme heights and our only security is to maintain the perfection of our aerial moves without making a single mistake. 


yoga has been the perfect complement to balance my mind and physical condition helping me to improve my professional ability in both careers. 



This is why I love yoga.

It is much more than a workout to build up bodily strength or to increase  flexibility. It is the perfect tool to master the  body and the mind – one which helps us to find balance within ourselves, and to achieve the very best from every situation in life through dedicated yoga practice. 

Every yoga session is an opportunity to bring peace and harmony inside our own minds. To every class, I bring what I have learnt and practiced over the years to help others maximise their own health potential.

In 2015

I opened my yoga centre in  Goa /India.

Yoga Land


Where I organise yoga holidays /yoga retreat and drop-in classes.


From November to May with a team of international teachers,

we welcome students from all over the worlds.

All together we make this place a  unique space where everyone


can experiment a connect with different types of yoga.  


In 2019

I link the two passions of my life.


 Yoga and Flying 


And passed my certification as an aerial yoga teacher.

Opening a new dimension to share.


And helping people to deepen their yoga practice

with the help of a Hammock