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Yoga sequences 

Self-practice is the essential part of your Yoga journey. It's also the most challenging.

To help you on to remember the sequences we were working together.

You can download them here.


Enjoy your self-practice.

Sun salutation A

(with modification)

(Level 1)

Including the modification. 

using the knees on the floor to lower into a  Chaturanga

( low push up )

Sun Salutation A

surya namaskar A

(level 2 and more)

The classic Sun Salutaion A

Ashtanga Style.

With advance cues to reach a better understanding of the postures.

Sun Salutation B

Surya namaskar B

(Level 2 and more)

One Sun salutation A is mastered B will come a naturel  continuity

(full cue coming soon)

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